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Sending a line in the cool and refreshing

Sending a line in the cool and refreshing

2020-03-03 14:38

On a hot summer day, the sun is like fire, "outdoor inspection" every outdoor worker. In order to further protect the physical and mental health of front-line employees and ensure that all employees are fully devoted to work safety, on July 9th, the labor union of the Group Corporation organized headquarters staff to conduct "send cool" condolences activities to various project departments.






Since the beginning of the summer, the leaders of the Group have attached great importance to the work of preventing heatstroke and cooling. The company's union has purchased heatstroke cooling products such as tea, mung beans, watermelons, salt sodas, and towels, and sent organizational care and greetings to the front-line employees. Perseverance and dedication under the scorching sun.




Group founder Mr. Li Baomao personally came to the construction sites of each project and exchanged cordially with the construction staff. He asked in detail the safety of production in terms of whether to implement various safety precautions according to requirements and specifications, and whether a safety emergency plan has been formulated. It also emphasizes that high temperature weather is a seasonal feature that is prone to frequent accidents. In particular, it is recommended that the project department pay attention to safety, tighten the safety string at all times, and do a good job of labor protection, safety education and safety inspection for construction workers. A few points: 1. Carefully make work arrangements during high temperatures, reasonably arrange operating hours, stagger operations during high temperature periods, and protect the legitimate rights and interests of construction workers; 2. Arrange the life and diet of construction workers properly, pay attention to hygiene, and ensure health; 3. Carefully organize the construction and production, and on the premise of ensuring safety, complete the various objectives of quality and quantity, and deliver satisfactory products.







"Send jobs in the spring, send cool in the summer, aid students in the fall, warm in the winter", the group's labor union has always adhered to the "people-oriented, truth-seeking and pragmatic" work style to carry out various tasks, give full play to the role of the bridge of the union organization, and always rely on The wisdom and strength of the staff and workers as the fundamental point and starting point for promoting the various work of the trade unions, as the employees of the majority of employees, through various activities to enhance the cohesion of all employees, and strive for the beautiful vision of "being a first-class construction enterprise" .


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