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High-temperature construction fights against "autumn tiger"

High-temperature construction fights against "autumn tiger"

2020-03-03 14:37
High temperatures have continued throughout the country since the fall. "Autumn Tigers" sounded orange high-temperature warnings. More than 40 ° C high temperatures appeared. In such weather, you may think it would be more suitable with an air conditioner, a watermelon, and a cold drink. Such a group of people still shuttles through the jungle of reinforced concrete, to accompany sweat, and to fight hard in the scorching sun. They have withstood the high-temperature "roasting test" and always adhere to the front line of construction. They are the builders with the great mission of building a beautiful new China.
Jiangxi University of Science and Technology
The soaked clothes and dark skin interpret the harsh environment and the bitterness of the builders, and the busy figure has become a beautiful landscape.





Guangxi Bama Nine-year Compulsory Education Balanced Development Project

Hot scaffolding, hot pipelines, and exposed construction sites, sweat rolled down the red and black cheeks, soaking their clothes, and dripping sweat from the towel around the neck. At the construction site, the banner "Dry 30 days to ensure that the safety and quality of the project is completed on time" is extremely eye-catching. They use practical actions to prove everything.








Every stand is worth looking up, every effort is worthy of respect, and every Wanbao person is worthy of praise. High temperatures and hot summers are nothing, cold winds are nothing, and working ten hours a day is nothing. The only thing that makes them feel happy is the towering skyscrapers and the joy of reuniting with your family, because you You wo n’t see people scorching sweat in the hot sun, blood and mud stir, sweat and tears when you take a cool summer day; you wo n’t see the cold winter, cold winds, dripping into ice, but they sweat on the white snow, Steel and iron intersect, snow and sweat blend; you will not see the loss and longing they hope to reunite but cannot do; you will not see their suffering and joy, laughter and tears, joy and sadness. The life of the builders is ordinary and tenacious. Their mission is to dedicate themselves to the construction site. Simple works, but extraordinary masterpieces. They are the creators of happiness. The ordinary figures cast a flowing picture. , Has achieved an extraordinary cause, it is precisely because of their hard work against the scorching sun, and the high temperature to fight against, so that the rapid development of urban construction, let us pay tribute to the adherents at high temperatures!


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