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Party Building Day | Do not forget the original intention

Party Building Day | Do not forget the original intention

2020-04-28 11:33
"The Communist Party of China is the largest political party in the world. It must be big when it is big." General Secretary Xi Jinping's words when meeting with Chinese and foreign reporters after the victory of the 19th National Congress of the Party is both a solemn declaration and an inspiration. Spur. Founded in 1997 and in power for 69 years, it has led hundreds of millions of people through the grand journey of reform and opening up in the past 40 years, pushing socialism with Chinese characteristics into a new era, bringing a country that once faced the danger of "expulsion from the ball" to the center of the world stage, letting A tortured nation is nearing the dream of revival ...
The Communist Party of China is bound to grow because of its extraordinary mission, to be great because of its broad road, and to be strong because of its strength.
Today, we ushered in the party's birthday in the simplest and solemn way. Under the organization of the Party branch of the group company, we carried out various thematic activities such as party lectures, memorizing the history of the party, and warm oaths. In the face of the bright red party flag, Party members held a solemn oath in their right hands, revisiting their firm determination when joining the party, bearing in mind the solemn commitment at the time of the oath, and paying tribute to the party's birthday.
The bright red party flag fluttered on the ground, and the construction site echoed the powerful voice of party members revisiting the oath of party admission. Party flags flutter on the front line, and party members dedicate themselves on the front line. They fully carry forward the spirit of hard work, hard work and hard work, and set an example with their actual actions, fully reflecting the advanced nature and exemplary leadership of party members.
Every party member is a bright red banner. All party members of the group company should always keep in mind the mission, keep up with the party's pace, and always uphold the enterprise spirit of "integrity, hard work, innovation, and high efficiency". Don't forget the original intention, forge ahead and continue Make new and greater contributions to building a beautiful China.


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