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Jiangxi comprehensively carries out reform of the approval system of engineering construction projects

Jiangxi comprehensively carries out reform of the approval system of engineering construction projects

2020-03-03 14:45
The Jiangxi Provincial Government recently issued the Implementation Plan for the Reform of the Examination and Approval System for Comprehensive Construction Projects in Jiangxi Province (hereinafter referred to as the "Plan"), which called for a comprehensive reform of the approval system for engineering construction projects, innovating "multi-regulation integration, multi-system integration, multi- The "six-in-one" integrated approval model of "Incorporating One, Multi-evaluating One, Multi-evaluating One, and Multi-testing One" realizes the "unified approval process, unified information and data platform, and unified approval management system for engineering construction project approval, "Four Unifications".
This reform covers the entire process of engineering construction project approval, including from project establishment to completion acceptance and public facilities access services, mainly involving housing construction and urban infrastructure projects. At the same time, it covers approval matters such as administrative licenses, and other types of matters such as technical review, intermediary services, municipal public services, and filing, and aims to promote optimization and standardization of the approval process.
The "Plan" identified the main goals of the reform, that is, in the first half of this year, the approval time for construction projects in the province was reduced to less than 120 working days, and the province and the districts and cities initially completed the construction of the approval system framework and information data platform for construction projects. At the end of this year, the provincial, city, and county levels have comprehensively promoted the use of engineering construction project approval management systems and interconnected with related system platforms. By the end of October 2020, the province's engineering construction project approval and management system will be basically established to ensure that it will be integrated with the national engineering construction project approval and management system by the end of 2020.
The Plan requires a unified approval process. In streamlining the examination and approval process, standardizing the examination and approval items, rationally dividing the examination and approval stages, and formulating the examination and approval procedures by category, the reform of the "Four Joints" (joint mapping review, joint surveying and mapping, joint survey, and joint acceptance) reform, regional assessment and joint assessment, and implementation notification Commitments and other aspects are stipulated.
The Plan is clear and unified information and data platform. In accordance with the principle of "horizontal to lateral, vertical to the end", construction and approval management systems covering all relevant departments and provinces, cities, and counties at all levels; solidly promote the reform of "multi-system integration", application-oriented, and break " "Island of information", complete the interconnection of the construction project approval management system with the province's integrated online government service platform, investment project online approval supervision platform and other systems.
The Plan proposes a unified examination and approval management system. Construct a "one blueprint" of "multiple regulations and one", so that "one blueprint" coordinates project implementation; "one window" provides comprehensive services, and the government at the county and above levels vigorously promotes the construction of government affairs halls, integrating various departments and Decentralized service windows of various municipal public units, and set up comprehensive service windows for engineering construction project approval; "One form" integrates the application materials, and "one form of work guide, one application form, and one set of application materials are implemented at each approval stage. "Multiple approvals" mode of operation; "a set of mechanisms" standardize the approval operation, establish and improve supporting systems for all stages of engineering construction project approval, and standardize the approval process.
The "Plan" requires uniform supervision methods. Strengthen supervision during and after the event, and establish a new type of supervision mechanism based on "double random, one open" supervision, supplemented by key supervision, and based on credit supervision. Strengthen the construction of the credit system, establish and improve the credit information subsystem in the construction project approval management system, establish a red and black list system, and strictly supervise untrustworthy companies and employees; regulate intermediary and municipal public services, and establish and improve intermediary services and municipal public Service management system, implementation of service commitment system, and reform of "multi-media integration".
It is understood that Jiangxi has established a leading group for reform of the examination and approval system for construction projects, led by the main leaders of the provincial government, to improve the working mechanism, clarify the division of tasks, and compact work responsibilities. The office of the Leading Group is located in the Department of Housing and Urban-Rural Development of Jiangxi Province and is responsible for the daily work of the leading group. The Jiangxi Provincial Government requires that each member unit coordinate and cooperate closely to strengthen the coordination and cooperation of various reform tasks such as "decentralization and management services" such as the reform of the examination and approval system of construction projects and the reform of the investment examination and approval system to form a joint reform effort. The district and city governments comprehensively lead the reform of the construction and construction project approval system in the region, assume the main responsibility of the reform, set up a leading group headed by the main government person in charge, strengthen overall coordination, guidance and supervision, and provide organizational and financial guarantees for the reform. , To develop a specific local implementation plan. Strengthen communication feedback and training. Provinces, cities, counties (districts) should focus on key and difficult issues, and adopt centralized training, network training and special training to strengthen business training for leading cadres, staff and applicants, and relevant policies. Conduct comprehensive interpretation and guidance to improve reform capacity and business level.
The Jiangxi Provincial Government emphasizes that strict implementation of supervision will impose serious accountability in accordance with the law and regulations for inadequate work advancement and affecting the reform process of the project approval system, especially if the staged work goals are not completed on time. Establish a reform disclosure system. Provincial, district, and municipal governments will disclose reform work plans, approval flow charts, checklists of approval items, reform supporting systems, evaluation and evaluation standards, reform work progress, evaluation, evaluation, and complaint reporting to the public and accept the society. Supervision.


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