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What are the standard procedures for building reinforcement?

What are the standard procedures for building reinforcement?

2020-04-28 11:25

Overview of building renovation and reinforcement: During the use of the building, the building may fail to meet the requirements for later use due to some reasons (such as low original design standards; disaster impact; environmental impact; design errors or poor construction quality needs reinforcement; use function changes or (Requires improvement), when faced with these situations, it is necessary to do reinforcement and transformation or maintenance and repair. As a professional reinforcement company, does the building reinforcement we usually do have a professional scientific basis? Is the reinforced building really able to meet the desired requirements? What is the process of building reinforcement and reconstruction?

[According to the "Concrete Structure Reinforcement Construction" 13G311 regulations]

When strengthening the structure of the building, you must follow:

Collection of original data (original data of the original building geotechnical engineering survey report, structural

completion drawing, building completion drawing, historical repair, etc.) → the original structure reliability identification and earthquake resistance identification → the reconstructed building drawing → reinforcement scheme selection → reinforcement construction drawing design → Construction drawing review → Construction → Completion acceptance → Put into use.

Reliability identification and seismic identification of original structure

When we use people as a metaphor, a building is like a person. After a person becomes ill, he must first go to the hospital to diagnose the condition, and to perform various examinations to determine the condition. The same is true for buildings. We must first conduct a safety appraisal of its original structure and issue a structure appraisal report. Then according to the specific disease of the structure, the treatment is effectively targeted.

Reinforcement plan

The determination of the reinforcement plan should be based on the conclusion of the structure appraisal report, combined with the specific characteristics of the structure and the construction conditions of the reinforcement, based on the principles of safety, reliability and economic rationality. Structural reinforcement focuses on improving the bearing capacity of structural members, and seismic reinforcement focuses on improving the ductility of the structure and enhancing the integrity of the house; for concealed engineering reinforcement, the principle of being able to move without moving is selected to deal with.

Reinforcement construction drawing design, construction drawing review

After the reinforcement plan is determined, we need to design the construction drawings and review the drawings after the design is completed. The design of the drawings is to allow us to have a goal and standard in the construction process; the review of the drawings is to check whether the design is reasonable and whether it is possible to optimize and whether the design is safe and reliable.


After making the previous preparations and entering the actual combat stage of reinforcement treatment, how to turn those theories into real things requires reinforcement construction to complete this work. Before the construction, we should prepare the construction organization design according to the design requirements and structural characteristics. The construction is carried out in strict accordance with the corresponding process standards. During the process, measures are taken to avoid or reduce damage to the original structural components, so as not to cause secondary damage to the original components. Handling causes adverse effects.

Completion acceptance

For the quality acceptance and engineering acceptance of the next step, the quality inspection and engineering acceptance shall be carried out in accordance with the national standards "Code for Construction Quality of Construction Structure Reinforcement Engineering" and "Code for Construction Quality Acceptance of Concrete Structures".


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